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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Digital Indicating Controller for Carpet Drying

Moisture Monitor Model 1601e
Moisture Monitor Model 1601e
Digital Indicating Controller for Carpet Drying
The Moisture Monitor Indicating Controller Model 1601e provides moisture monitoring and control for carpet dryers. Simple operator callup of style number loads style-based set points and control limits. Its features include...
  • Microprocessor-based PLC system including membrane keyboard and 1/4-VGA LCD display with non-volative memory for processing parameters, multi-channel input and output cards, RS-232 port for report generation and RS-485 port for network connection.
  • Residual moisture measurement provided by the Strandberg Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035E. Three spiked sensing rolls across the width are typically used. A sensor selector switches between each sensing roll and a fourth position detects the wettest of the three.
  • Optionally, the 3-channel Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 3035E provide three separate moisture sensing channels for continuous monitoring for each of the three spiked detector rolls. Add more sensors to measure both carpet face and backing.
  • For noncontact measurement, use the Noncontact Moisture Sensor Type 9900. The 9900 uses penetrating microwave energy to accurately sense the moisture in the carpet. Use three 9900 sensors across the width to provide profile measurement.
  • There's more... connect temperature sensors for carpet surface temperature measurements, drying zone temperatures, exhaust air temperatures. Connect density or wet pickup sensors to monitor latex application. And the 1601e is a multi-loop controller... ready to automate the carpet drying process.
  • The Model 1601 is built from the Series 1600 PLC hardware and software components. This means that the 1601 can be converted to any other Series 1600 Indicating Controller or upgraded to one of the powerful "Combo Controllers" providing optimizaiton of multiple process parameters.
  • The optional Series 2700 Operator Console package provides a touchscreen monitor with PC for unlimited storage of style processing data, historical data archiving and report generation.
For brochure, 1601.pdf or list of items and accessories Moisture Item List

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