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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-400

One of our Top Sellers!
Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-400
Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-400

Digital Meter
The Portable Moisture Monitor Model M-400 takes the world standard Model M-200 to the digital era. It has all the measurement ranges of the M-200 simplified into one full-span digital range. There is only one simple calibration setting to convert from the standard cotton scaling to other fibers, blends, and materials. And it uses the same interchangeable sensing probes as the M-200. Its features include...
  • Easy-to-read digital meter displays moisture to 0.1% precision. Pushbutton access to a 3-digit calibration factor allows easy setup for different fibers, blends and materials. A comprehensive list of calibration settings is provided.
  • All types of interchangeable sensing probes include hand rollers, needle probes, weighted surface probe, long needle probes with spring-loaded guides, edge sensors, special probe for insertion into tobacco bales.
  • The Model M-400 can be used for all applications for which the M-200 models are used. Its linearized digital display provides the potential for many more uses.
  • Strandberg offers moisture calibration services for ISO-9000 certification.
For brochure, M400.pdf or list of items and accessories Portables Item List

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