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Monday, July 2, 2012

Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G

Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G

Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G
Full-span Residual Moisture Sensing with Linear Analog Output
The Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G provides the state-of-the art moisture sensing technology utilized in the Moisture Monitor Model 7701 and Model 1601e. Make moisture measurement easy. Connect it to any PLC, recorder, datalogger, or single-loop controller. Its features include...
  • Full span moisture sensing over the normal range of residual moisture from near-zero levels to higher double digit percent levels.
  • Industry standard, linear analog outputs over the full measurement range allows easy input and scaling in higher level systems.
  • Special front-end static suppression circuitry provides reliable measurement in harsh process environmnents.
  • Can be used with a wide variety of moisture sensing devices including sensing rolls, insulated full-span rolls, finger probes, duct probes, sensing plates, rods. If one of these does not fit your application, ask us. We may have or can make one that exactly fits your application.
For brochure, 1035G.pdf
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